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Kairi's perspective

The autumn weather is lovely, colourful leaves gently dance with the wind.
The soothing breeze push away your burdens leaving you free. Such a peaceful sight, such a peaceful way to live.

I couldn't sleep all night. I was too hyper and excited. My best friend Namine got 2 tickets to see my favorite Japanese singer: Kana Nishino. I lay on my bed all night pondering about what to wear and how to fix my hair. It finally hit about 3:50, but it was still to early to go, the concert starts at 6:00. I wasn't going to sleep anyway so I got up and tried to find something productive to do.

I grabbed the door knob and quietly pulled the door towards me. I walked past the door and softly walked down the stairwell that was across from my room. My parents were still asleep, but I'm fine with that, I want some alone time.

I moved my way through the kitchen chairs and opened the cubard to pour my favorite cereal: Cheerios. I poured a bowl for me and placed the box back. I took a spoon . I walked over to a  chair and sat down. It was so peaceful, because when my family is awake everything is chaotic.

While eating the last spoon-full of cereal, I heard a door open upstairs. My older sister Aqua came walking towards me.

"Did I wake you up?"  I asked

"No, but your cellphone did, you have a text message from Namine"  Aqua informed me

"Sorry, I didn't think she'd message me"  I apologized

"Nah, it's alright, I have to finish my agissiments anyway. Here's your phone"


Aqua is two years older than me, I'm 16. She's in her first year of university. I envy her, she's an amazing sister, beautiful too. We get along easily, we've had our special moments.

I went through my text message.


Heya! Kai-Chan! :dummy:
Get ready, I know it's at 6:00 but let's head over to the cafe, grab something and eat it on the way so we don't get too hungry. Then we'll go to the concert. How about it? :heart:

I began to press the buttons on my phone,


Hiya~! Nami-Chan~! :happybounce:
Sounds great, nice idea~! I'll be at the cafe as soon as possible~! :tighthug:

I slid my phone down (the ones that slide up) and turned it off, I got up, walked over to the stairwell and climbed up the stairs, untill Aqua talked to me from the other side of the living room.

"Kairi, aren't you going to wash your bowl?" Aqua asked with a joking smirk

"oh, sorry" I said going over to her

"Don't sweat it, I'll happily do it. You get ready"  Aqua smiled

"Thanks" I smiled back

Those little smiles between me and Aqua are the happiest moment of my life, even if it's for 15 seconds. I climbed up the rest of the stairs , I was now infront  of my door, I pushed the door, I quickly picked up the colthes I'd thorwn on my bed. I changed ran across the hall fixed up in the bathroom, now I was ready.

I jogged down the stairs, Aqua was sitting on the couch. She turned her head towards me.

"You look gorgeous, Kairi" Aqua complented me

"Hehe :meow: Thanks!" I said

Aqua got off  of the couch, she came and stood to farwell me.

"Have fun, Say hi to Namine, will ya?"  Aqua said as she hugged me tightly

"You got it!" I said as I hugged her back

I put on my hat, tied my boots and slipped on my jacket. Aqua opened the door for me, I stepped out of my house. The wind blew my hair back and forth, I shivered, I zipped up my coat. I began to walk away from Aqua. I turned back to see Aqua waving as I was already on the street, I waved back yelling see you.

The cars were all so fast, as if it was a race, to see who could cross before a yellow light would turn red...Beeping here and there, such a annoying noise, I wish I could erase.

I could smell a bit of coffee, I knew I was at the cafe. From the other end of the road, I saw Namine walk faster to get to me.

"Hiya! You're rushing, I think I know why" I said with a chuckled

"Oh yea.. why?" Namine said with a smirk

"You're mom got overprotective" I giggled

"You guessed it!" Namine shouted with laughter

Namine and I have been friends for as long as I can remember.
We walked into the Cafe giggling at our simple joke, the Cafe wasn't crowded as usual, I loved it. Namine and I took a seat next to two cute guys, who seemed to be best friends alike Namine and I. One was blonde with blue eyes, he was cute but I was not attracted, but I felt different about the other boy. He had blue eyes that looked like sparkling jewels, brown spiky hair, fair skin and light pink cheeks, he was different. He turned to me with a shy expression, he was so sincere... more than any other boy, he had this refreshing charm, something I only saw in him. I quickly smiled at him after noticing I had only been analyzing him for what seemed like 30 mins, at first he blinked with a surprised face, I felt neglected, but instead he smiled back with a loving gesture. Happiness blasted deep within my heart, I tried not to show my feelings, cause no one would love me...

My phone started to ring inside my mini-purse, to tell me I had a text message. It was from me mom...

"I'm out with dad, Aqua is up all night, we won't be home until 12:00. Don't expect to see us, thanks hun bye bye!"

I could hear her voice play through my mind as I read this, it was expected of my mom. Her and dad always were on the run with business trips and meetings, so Aqua took care of me.

I went back to putting my attention towards Namine as I placed my cellphone on the table.

"Aqua says 'Hi!' " I quoted

"Great, say hi from me too!"  Namine said

"Sure, oh let's order!" I suggested

An up-lifting waitress came and changed the atmosphere to a brighter one.

"Hello my lovely ladies, what can I get you!" The waitress said cheerfully

"Hi may I please get a hot chocolate with whip-cream on the top and rainbow sprinkles" I said trying not to sound childish

"Can I get a Latte, please" Namine said

"Coming right up!" The waitress said proudly

As she left I could feel the boys gentle glance, I peeked from the side. He was decent and kind, nothing like the boys at my school. He was different, so outstanding.

The waitress came back with our drinks.

"Oh my" Namine gasped looking at her watch

"What?!" I said confused

"It's 5:00, Were so late! Let's go" Namine shirked

"Yep!" I agreed

We stood up and jogged outside, the bells on the door rang and my drink was splashing everywhere. I felt like I was forgetting something.
Namine and I arrived early by 15 minutes, at about the last few minutes we got into our front row seats and gazed at the curtains and stage, I was amazed. Bursts of flashing lights and shouting mixed with instrumental tunes and the voice of Kana herself fled the whole room, the show was beginning and the crowd roared with excitement.

We drove home by 9:00, I was tired but somehow I found myself on my front lawn.

"See ya, Namine. Thanks for everything!" I said

"It was nothing, good night Kairi!" Namine replied

"Good night..." I whispered as the taxi dove, and her hand was waving at me.

I walked up the stairs and knocked to my usual rhythm
Within seconds Aqua smacked the door open,hitting the wall the a huge bang that it almost broke the wall. She jumped and toppled me with her body giving me a huge hug. I hugged her back.

"What's wrong with you?" I giggled a bit

"Nothing, your late. I got so worried" Aqua sighed

"Sorry..." I sighed too

"No worries at least your here now" Aqua said

"How long are mom and dad going to take?" I asked

"Oh about that, they changed plans and now they have to go to London for some meeting so about a few days..." Aqua explained

"Good, now we have alone time!" I looked on the bright side

I stepped in and moved away from Aqua  and rushed upstairs. I quickly took a short shower and changed into the most comfortable PJ'S I put on socks too. I didn't wash my hair since it was so nice. I pounced downstairs, finding Aqua sitting alone on the couch. This hurt me for some reason, her just sitting alone. I slid in beside her, resting my head on her lap.

"I lost my phone..." I started a conversation

"Seriously?!" Aqua screamed

"Sadly, yes..."

"Well... we will see tomorrow, it's okay sweety"

She was so comforting, she ran her fingers through my hair, her hands were gentle. I fell asleep in an angels cradle, so tranquil.

The next morning I woke up to the sound of Aqua preparing breakfast for us. It was such a delicious smell, I could not help myself I got up and went to go steal some food.
In fact it was amazing, Aqua was all around perfect, I was always jealous.
We sat down and began to eat, as Aqua punched in a few numbers on her cell, she talked and then handed the phone to me.

"Talk to Namine about your phone" Aqua suggested

"Fine" I said chewing my food

"Hey!" Namine said

"It's me, Kairi" I said

"Oh, why are you on your sisters cell?" Namine questioned

"Lost it" I said in an instant

"That suck, I sorry...OH! try calling it"

"True, that could work, I'll tell you what happens, Later!"

"Good luck!" Namine closed the phone

I hung up and tried to contact my cell, someone with a familiar voice began to talk.

"H-Hello" I stammered

"Um, hello" A boy greeted

"Yes!" I happily said knowing who it was. Aqua made a face.

"Huh?" He was confused

"You've got my phone" I said

"Oh, sorry" he apologized

"Why? I'm glad that it fell into the hands of a good person" I said cheerfully

"U-h uh..." He stuttered

"can I meet up with you and receive it?" I asked

"Um... yes. How about Platinum Park" He suggested

"Great, see you!" I said

"See you!..." He said

I hung up and handed the phone over to Aqua, asking her if I could get my phone.
I raced upstairs, brushed my hair, out on nice clothing brushed my teeth, and quickly glided down the rail of my stairwell jumped off, put my coat on, mittens, hat and boots. Now I was out the door waving at Aqua. Platinum Park was around the corner, I ran as fast as I could so I could cross the street in time, But I didn't make it. I raged out, I tried to catch my breathe while I could. I began to press the crossing button multiple times , I saw a spiky brown-haired boy run through the middle of the park, then he stopped.

Most of the cars noises had stopped, I figured I was able to cross now, I started running again, and I was right it was him. My heart started to beat faster and faster, not only from running but him too. Why did I want it to be him? Why am I running for him just for a small chat? Dear lord, I'm in love?!

"Hey!" I screamed hoping he would hear me

"Me?!" He questioned with a smile

"Yep!" I yelled out of breathe

He walked towards me, slow and smooth. I was immediately distracted by his heavenly charm, I felt as if I was falling, the only thing in my mind was "Get ready to be embarrassed". Right then someone broke my fall, a boys jacket in a dark shade, the smell of a men filled my small nose, the silky feeling deep within was something I wanted all my life... I held tight to keep myself stuck in the moment. I looked up face feeling hot as the cold wind hit me, I quickly said "Thank you!".

I slid off my mittens and took and small step back, he copied my move.
I looked up at his attractive dazzling eyes, I felt myself blush, and he did too.
He took out my cellphone with the key chain dangling from it's side, he placed it carefully within my hand.

"Thank you so much for taking care of my phone and giving it back!" I said joyfully

"O-oh It was nothing!" He replied

"I'm Kairi. 16 years old. You?" I explained hoping for a reply

"I'm Sora. 17 years old. Incredible name Kairi" He completed me with the most charming smile

"Thanks... I've seen you before at the Cafe. Haven't I?" I questioned

"Yea... I've seen you too, I'm glad you remembered" He let another dazzling smile

"Cute smile!" I complemented him with a giggle, I could not resist

"Thanks, beautiful" He said

"Oh..." I gasped silently with my red cheeks

I forced myself, for I had fallen madly in love with him in just 5 minutes
I quickly ran and hugged him, I was shorter.
He lifted my head and he passionately kissed me on the lips. His lips tasted like Vanilla coffee, I knew it was meant to be.

He whispered "I love you..." in my ear, the three words tickled in my ear.
I reached up to him as I repeated the same three words in his.
My time with Sora was wonderful, he would never let go of my hand, he stayed by my side I felt so safe. Sora is not like other guys, it may seem crazy but I'm glad I lost my phone.
At least it's done and I hope you guys in enjoy it~!! :iconsuperheroglompplz:
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I remember reading Sora's, and I'm impressed that it's mostly the same, other than what happened to who. Since you put Aqua as Kairi's sister, I can't get over thinking Terra is Sora's brother, and Ventus is Roxas' brother. =P

Sora to correct this, but Sora should be the same age as Kairi. Riku is one year older than both of them. (So far, they are 15 (Sora and Kairi) and 16 (Riku).
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